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The Model 12DD eCanoe  Motor  

The original eCanoe  Model 12DD Motor is a unique, patented dual-motor propulsion system for canoes, kayaks, and other small watercraft (see US Pat. #6,132,267).  The basic motor consists of four main parts: a wooden Yoke clamps on to the boat and supports a power module, gunwale clamps, and fasteners for the two motors. Each motor has a breakaway motor mount and splash cowl for safe running in shallow water.  A small Hand Controller held by the operator contains a small computer that signals the Power Module to change the speed and direction of the two motors to drive and turn the boat.  The Hand Controller provides 16-speeds forward and 15 reverse, a Neutral button for stopping, one-hand steering by a textured knob, and has an accurate digital volt/amp meter for monitoring battery drain and remaining charge.  The horsepower (Shaft HP) system runs off standard, locally available 12 Volt Lead-Acid batteries (and the exotic metal batteries of the future).  It draws 50 Amps Max, 35 Amps at cruising speed, and will cruise 1 hour or troll 6 hours with a single 60 Amp-Hr battery.  Typical speeds of 5 MPH allows upriver travel, even in class I and II whitewater.

NOTE: The Model 12DD has been replaced by the Model 1248DD, which can do the work of the 12DD and use batteries up to 48Volts for greater power and speed.  The Hand Control has also been improved for finer speed control and better safety.



Complete assembled eCanoe 12DD Motor with 55A-H Battery

For the Original Specifications of the 12DD Motor, Click Here.


eCanoe Model 12DD ready to shove off -