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Unfortunately due to the Crash of 2008
the 1236DD has never gone into production.
The information given here is for historical purposes only:

eCanoe 1236DD Technology is HERE!

12 to 36Vdc Dual Differential Motor Drive.

"A pussycat at 12Volts, a tiger at 36!"

New 1236DD Stern Mount Configuration 2010

The new 1236DD System features manual or electronic steering with dual motors.

            MAJOR SPECIFICATIONS for Model 1236DD

Power Module PM1236DD:

  • Input Voltage: 12 to 36 Vdc, nom.

  • Maximum Input Voltage Range: +50Vdc to -50Vdc

  • Battery Current: 50 Amps, max., 30 Amps, cruising.

  • Internal Current Limit: 55Amps.   

  • Reverse Battery Protected.

  • Splash-proof case (IP56 rated). All electronics potted for protection.

  • Motor Drivers: 2 independent PWM, each can drive 25 amps, nom.

  • Total Maximum Drive Power: 2.4 Horsepower at 36Vdc, nominal.

  • DB-15 Male connector for control signals.

Hand Control HC1236D:

  • 32 speeds Forward and 31 Reverse, with Instant Neutral Speed button.

  • Left - Right Turn Control for fast differential steering.

  • Digital Meter reads battery Volts and Amps.

  • Meter Backlight.

  • Waterproof to 1 meter (IP67 rated).

  • Connects to Power Module PM1236DD with thin 9-conductor cable.
        DB-15 Female connector for control signals.

Motors and Hardware:

  • Standard Motors are 12Vdc, 25 Amp with 2-blade prop.
        Vented Shaft Cover.
        Fitted with prop cowl and splash shields.

  • Breakaway  Mounts for motors available. US Pat #6,984,157

  • Mounting hardware and cables are captive to prevent accidental loss.

  • Size (disassembled) 24"x8"x48"       
  • Weight (w/o Batteries) 36.5 lb