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The mission of eCanoe is to promote the use of electric outboard motors for canoes, sailboats, and other small boats.  eCanoe products are offered to support boaters who want to get out on the water using efficient, ecological, and economic electric power.  Because these products are so new, eCanoe posts these instructions so you can get real information about their benefits and use.  That way you can make sure the product will fill your specific needs before you make any purchase at the eCanoe Store -   Happy e-Cruising!

Prop and Splash Cowls Mounted   eCanoe Propeller and Shaft Cowls:
            SC-01 Propeller Cowl Instructions   8.7 MB PDF File.

            SC-02 Shaft Cowl Instructions        0.6 MB PDF File.

BTP-01 Terminal Protectors   eCanoe Battery Terminal Protectors:

      BTP-01 Battery Terminal Protectors   0.18 MB PDF File

BCF DrawingeCanoe Fused Battery Clips:

     BCF-75x Fused Battery Clips    62 KB PDF File

Fuse Link Repair Diagram    eCanoe Fuse Link Repair Kits:

                                    FLRK-50 Fuse Link Repair Kit - 50 Amp  0.1 MB PDF  File

                                    FLRK-75 Fuse Link Repair Kit - 75 Amp  0.1 MB PDF File

BR-60K Photo   eCanoe Battery Rails:


                                    BR-60K Battery Rails with Hardware  0.1 MB PDF