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eCanoe Innovations

The eCanoe® Dual Motor is the only product of its type, either in production or in patent, making it truly unique, and the eCanoe® Single Motor Drivers include features not found in other commercial trolling motors such as a pause function for trolling,  remote and motor-mounted controls, and a voltammeter connector.

 In addition, here are  more innovations that are introduced by eCanoe® to make e-cruising practical, reliable, and rugged.


 The Splash Problem – What can be done to run the motors just under the surface for shallow waters, yet not have propeller splash or aerate, creating noise and power loss?   Solved by the unique eCanoe Cowls.  These are effective, rugged, low drag, easy to attach and easy to maintain.  The smaller splash shield keeps down splash off the shaft at higher speeds. Both are made of  black ABS with stainless steel clamps.  They fit  1" and 1-1/8" diameter shafts.

The Hard Rock Problem – What happens when one of the motors (or rudder) hits a rock or snag at full speed?    Solved by the innovative breakaway mount for Dual Motors.  This mechanically-engineered mount holds the motor shaft firmly in a vertical position until a preset torque level, at which point the mount rotates to allow the motor to slide over the rock.  After passing over the obstruction, the motor returns automatically to running position.  This breakaway action occurs even if traveling in reverse.  The mount is also equipped with a release lever so the motor can be easily raised or lowered.  It is so unique it was awarded US Patent #6,984,157.     Single motor mounts available commercially can be modified with hand tools to have a breakaway function - see "How to shorten your trolling motor shaft". for examples.

The “Universal Mount” Problem - How to get a motor mount that fits most canoes, whether the gunwale is plastic extrusion, wood, or aluminum?  Solved by the simple adjustable clamp design.  This clamp can be used on gunwales up to 1-1/8 inches (2.9 cm) in thickness.  And they are easy to adjust and fasten tightly without tools.   For canoes or kayaks having odd-shaped gunwales, the solid White Oak eCanoe Motor Mounts can be drilled or tapped for custom fastening devices. 



The “Gas Gauge” Problem – Most batteries are damaged by over-discharging and should never be “run dry”.  The best way to monitor battery condition and reserve power is by the eCanoe waterproof digital volt-ammeter*. Far better than battery charge “idiot lights”, the meter lets the operator precisely watch the voltage and change batteries as needed. And the amp meter may be used for increasing trip range as well as a way of setting speeds correctly for trolling.  The meter is standard with the Dual-Motor controller, and is offered as an option for the Single-Motor Driver. 

* Future product in prototype production 1-09.


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